Find Places Near Me

Find Places Near Me is a simple apps that helps you locate the nearest places/spots (such as restaurants, ATM, gas station and many more) based on your current location.

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Why download

  • Are you

    Hungry and need to find places to eat?

    Meeting friends at a bar close by?

    Or just need to find the closest ATM?

    Find Places Near Me allows you to search for the nearest restaurants, banks, gas stations, hotel or find a cinema nearby.

  • But why

    So whether you’re travelling to Bangkok, Tokyo, or London, Find Places Near Me provides latest local places information.

    Find Places Near Me is the fastest growing local search application globally – and is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and many more languages.


  • Location

    Display your current location.

    Enable location searches which let you search other location.

    Traffic indicator that shows current road traffic condition

  • Places & Directions

    Display all the vicinity places around your current location.

    Show direction to the destination

  • Share

    Share places to your family and friends

  • Supported Devices




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Works good Great when in a new town and need to find stuff

Karl Peterson

Lots of good recommendations. Much cleaner and easy. Many fast categories!

Philip Jacob

Good Excellent Found all the places I find. The road traffic indicator was excellent.

Dave Zion